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Hi, I'm Julia, a business intelligence analyst that turns your data into insights


I am a freelance business intelligence analyst with almost 10 years of experience in the private and public sector. I help organizations to set up and utilize their data better by creating interactive dashboards with easily-understandable insights through data visualization.

What Do I Do ?

I'm passionate about data. There is so much insight found in data if it is only organised and put together properly. ​In a society of information, knowledge is key as data is the basis on which all enterprises, governments and corporations must base their decisions.

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There is a already a lot of data freely available, hidden in many different excel files and without any context to really make sense of the data. I have gathered and combined all this data to make it easier to access the data in one click. 


Most people are scared of data. That is why my goal is to make data as easily accessible as possible by visualizing the data in an interactive way so that everyone can easily extract the information they are looking for.

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Visualizing data and putting the data in an overall context will give you better insights. Ready to find the insights you were looking for?

Contact Me

You have any questions or comments? Add me on Linkedin or write me a message!

Based in Rota, Spain

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